Health Benefits


The majority of people would argue that a normal pushbike will keep you fitter. However with an electric bicycle, you have the option to turn the motor on or off, even with the motor switched on, you can still peddle at the same time (PAS), in fact we encourage that as this would make the battery last longer per charge. Okay, the motor does make cycling easier, but it is not ‘cheating’, recent survey shows that people who own an electric pushbike use the bike more frequently than they would with a normal push bike, they cycled further and faster, and as a result, you get out more and exercise more.

Several studies have also concluding that the use of pedelecs (i.e. those ebikes assist with pedalling) counts as moderate exercise. The Chief Medical Officer (CEO) recommends that adults should aim to achieve at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on 5 or more days of the week.

Electric pushbike can be a useful part of cardiac rehabilitation programmes, since health professionals will often recommend a stationary bike be used in the early stages of these. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programmes can reduce deaths in people with coronary heart disease by around 27% and a patient may feel safer progressing from stationary bikes to electric bike, as they require less cardiac exertion for those who have experienced heart problems.

For people who love outdoor lifestyle but with physical restrictions such as bad knees, an ebike would be a great solution – we recently had a customer who tested out one of our bikes commented that for years due to his bad knees he has not ridden a bike, they couldn’t believe how easy it was to ride a bike again and the smile on his face said the rest.

Let’s be honest, you would do more exercise on a pedelec than in a car.

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