Polka Dot Electric Bike


The Polka Dot electric bike is simply the most fun bike, designed especially for the ladies. With a lovely, colourful dotty design in red or blue, it is so stylish you will want to ride it all the time!

Made from lightweight aluminium alloy it is super easy to ride, with or without the help of the motor. With the motor engaged, you can continue pedaling (pedal assist) or simply allow the electric bike to drive you.

With upto 30 miles range and powerful LED lights, the Polka Dot electric bike will help you to get home safely even after dark.

The LCD indicator shows your speed and remaining battery charge.

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It’s all gone polka mad!  – Unique in the e-bike market from RooDog! Bespoke bike frame, every spot is hand placed on!

Price : £1150
Limited Throttle (4mph) comes as standard

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Weight 25 kg



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