Polka Dot Electric Bike


The Polka Dot electric bike is simply the most fun bike, designed especially for the ladies. With a lovely, colourful dotty design in red or blue, it is so stylish you will want to ride it all the time!

Made from lightweight aluminium alloy it is super easy to ride, with or without the help of the motor. With the motor engaged, you can continue pedaling (pedal assist) or simply allow the electric bike to drive you.

With upto 30 miles range and powerful LED lights, the Polka Dot electric bike will help you to get home safely even after dark.

The LCD indicator shows your speed and remaining battery charge.



The Polka Dot…

It’s all gone polka mad!  – Unique to the e-bike market from RooDog! Bringing joy and colour into your life. Our Polka Dot e-bike is a celebration of style and elegance. Designed with female riders in mind. With every single little dot very carefully hand placed on each e-bike, making them all just a little bit different. The Polka Dot comes in two stunning colours, Vintage Red or Retro Blue.


The Polka Dot has a 250W 36V rear wheel hub brushless motor. A 36V 10Ah standard size lithium-ion battery. (Legally the maximum speed of 15.5mph which is allowed by UK/EU regulation).  LCD display that gives you speed indicator and tripometer. Smooth power delivery with 5 speed pedal assist giving you up to 30 miles per full charge on highest speed setting plus throttle. Perfect for pulling away from traffic, hill starts, get to work no sweat or just enjoying leisurly bike rides in comfort and style.


The Polka Dot has Shimano 7 speed Tourney RD-TX35 manual gears and Kenda, 26” x 1.75 city style tyres. With a 18.5 inch frame is made of light weight aluminium alloy 6061. Making it a super smooth comfy ride with or with out power. The choice is yours.


We would recommend that the Polka Dot would suit a rider from 5’3ft to 6’1ft tall.


*Please note*
On the 1st of january 2016 the UK fell in line with the EU regulation and adhered to the capping of  throttle speeds to 4mph. Which all our e-bikes adhere to.  See link bellow for more details…


The Polka Dot will do up to 30 miles per full charge on highest speed setting. Dependent on weight of cyclist, frequent use of PAS, air pressure in tyres, road condition, etc. Continually using the throttle and/or hill climbing will significantly reduce the range of the battery.
People come in all shapes and sizes our size guide is only advisory. The best thing to do is test them all out and see which RooDog is the one for you.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg