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The Tourer city bike is a gorgeous, classic looking bike. It is a step over design but with a 19 inch frame,  so it's suitable for both men and women.

With upto 30 miles range, powerful LED lights back & front and 7 speed gearing, this electric bike is ideal for cycling round town.

Built from lightweight aluminium alloy, the Tourer is very comfortable, due to the adjustable handle bar stem for perfect rider positioning and it easy to ride, even before you engage the motor. The Tourer also features an LCD display which shows speed management and battery indicator.

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Our step over, classic looking city bike, the “Tourer” electric bike is suitable for both male and female riders.

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  1. Comfortable commuter

    I am 1.81m (6′ in old money) and of, uhm, generous build. I was looking for a bike to get me exercising to help my rehabilitation after a nasty motorcycle accident. The tourer looked to me to be the best choice, given the mudguards, rack and lights already in the package. I have added a Beluko M double pannier and now I can shop, commute and generally dither about with all the stuff I need. The bike is comfortable, easy to ride and well equipped. Riding an eBike is slightly different from a standard bike in as much as you are cycling to exceed a set speed (or be prepared to eat into your battery). I live in a hilly area and while the bike cannot push my weight up a steep hill all by itself, it does make the grinds much easier and makes long uphills a pleasure. The lights are powerful and really do work. If you can specify what you prefer your controller to measure in (Kilometers or miles) when you place your order, however either way the service from RooDog is brilliant and you can change your mind.

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