Cycle to Work Schemes

We are currently working with a few agencies offering cycle to work schemes.


Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative offer no limits on the price of an ebike! Up to 42% savings and no end-of-scheme fees. You save tax and National Insurance and your employer will save 13.8% employer’s NI.  Why not ask them about taking part?

The process is straight forward;

  • Choose your package – bike and accessories
  • Submit your application
  • Your HR department will be sent a request for approval and payment
  • On receipt of payment GCI will process your application and confirm your order with us
  • You will then pay for your bike via a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer
  • The repayment period differs with each employer, so check with them how long you will have to repay
  • Bike insurance is recommended as should your bike be stolen, you will still be responsible for the repayments
  • At the end of the hire agreement CGI will contact you with ownership options
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Cyclescheme also offer no limits on the price of an ebike! You save between 25-39%. At the end of your agreement you can choose an ownership option by making an additional payment of 3 or 7% of the package value.


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Each NHS trust works differently, please refer back to your trust to find out your entitlements.


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With the Government Bike 2 Work Scheme you can save up to 42%.


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