Requirements for warranty:

  • Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase as this is your warranty and warranty will start from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to original owner.
  • Warranty covers – main bike frame, front forks, mud guards, wheel rims, gears, bearings, motor casing and hub motor, LED controller display, brakes (excluding brake pads), battery and charger.

Items covered by 2 year warranty:

  • Battery (provided cared for in conjunction with battery care instructions)
  • Motor casing & Hub Motor
  • Bike frame

All other parts covered by the warranty are guaranteed for a period of 12 months, extended to 24 months on completion of warranty registration form.



Exclusions from warranty:

  • When subject to neglect or misuse or resulting in damage due to an accident.
  • Poor maintenance or modifications that no longer complies with regulations or original technical specifications.
  • Damage due to external causes such as left out in heavy rain, or long term weathering causing rust and decay etc.
  • The bike is put up for hire.
  • The battery is used incorrectly or tampered with (warranty seal is broken). This also applies to charging. (always use the charger provided by the manufacturer)
  • Battery is not cared for in conjunction with the battery care instructions provided.  Battery Care Instructions


Items not covered:

Brake pads, tyres, lights and cables or anything else that can be seen as consumables. These parts can however be purchased from RooDog Ltd or from your local Retailer/bike shop.