RooDog Warranty


All parts* are covered by the warranty and are guaranteed for a period of 12 months which includes:

  • Battery (provided cared for in conjunction with battery care instructions)
  • Motor casing & Hub Motor
  • Bike frame

Warranty cover can be extended, free of charge, to 24 months on completion of the warranty registration form – see “Register My Bike” above.

Requirements for warranty:

  • Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase as this is your warranty and warranty will start from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to original owner.
  • Warranty covers – main bike frame, front forks, mud guards, wheel rims, gears, bearings, motor casing and hub motor, LED controller display, brakes (excluding brake pads), battery and charger.

*Items not covered:

  • Brake pads, tyres, lights and cables or anything else that can be seen as consumables or general wear and tear of such items. These parts can however be purchased from RooDog Ltd or from your local retailer/bike shop.

Important information

Warranty claims are not applicable when the bike has been:

  • Subject to neglect or misuse or damaged due to an accident.
  • Poorly maintained or modified so that it no longer complies with regulations or original technical specifications.
  • Damaged due to external causes such as left out in heavy rain, or long term weathering causing rust and decay etc.
  • Put up for hire.

OR when

  • The battery is used incorrectly or tampered with (warranty seal is broken). This also applies to charging. (always use the charger provided by the manufacturer)
  • Battery is not cared for in conjunction with the battery care instructions provided.  Battery Care Instructions