Who Dog?


Who Dog? Roodog Ltd was established in January 2013 and is a family run business. Based near the beautiful seaside town of Hornsea in East Yorkshire. RooDog specialise in a range of high quality, stylish and attractive, yet affordable electric bikes to suit all tastes and needs. Run by fully experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Here at RooDog, we continuously carry out research and development into the requirements of the UK electric bicycle market.  We consistently deliver an innovative, good quality, and attractive range of ebikes.

We listen to our customers to understand their needs in the ebike market and work closely with our factories on design and quality.

The main aim of the company is to offer excellent value for money and to provide pleasant experience to our customers.

Most importantly, our aim is to raise further awareness of the electric bicycle within the British consumer market. We aspire to help consumers become more knowledgeable about this fantastic alternative transportation.

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But why Roodog ebikes?

There are many reasons why to choose RooDog Ebikes. Here are just a few:

We have a wide range of great looking, good quality ebikes with something to suit everybody’s tastes and we offer them at very competitive prices within the UK ebike market.

On top of all that we have a great team of friendly knowledgeable staff who will happily answer any questions you have both before and after your purchase, plus we will provide all the advice you need right the way through your ownership of the bike.

We also boast an ever expanding nationwide dealership network, so you should always have a local stockist near by for servicing and repairs if needed.

All bikes now come with 2 years warranty for your battery and motor. (The warranty is not transferable.)

All of our products are CE approved, and all tested to EN15194 (the latest EU safety standards by which all ebikes are tested).

We do 100% quality and safety inspection prior to delivery. If ordering by mail order, all bikes come 80% assembled. Once the bike is purchased, within 2-3 working days (providing they are in stock), you will receive a new RooDog ebike. Just assemble the remaining parts, charge the battery and enjoy all the benefits your new ebike has to offer.

We truly believe the importance of try before you buy. This ensures each individual customer is happy before purchase.

So why not book an appointment today with us, or one of our retailers? You can come and test every ebike within our range on our huge open test track. It’s away from traffic and various other distractions. Find the perfect RooDog ebike to suit you.

We have a nationwide dealership network and most will allow you to try them out!

Please check on our dealers page for further information.