Some Legal Stuff

BS EN15194 is the official standard for electric bicycles in Europe, the UK will shortly adopt this standard. All our bikes already have been tested and comply with this standard.

You have to be of age 14+ to be able to ride an electric bicycle on the Queens highway (UK).
The electric bicycle motor cannot be greater than 250W, and capped at a top speed of 15.5mph. The motor will automatically cut out, when the rider stops peddling, and also when they apply the brakes.
The maximum weight of the bike cannot exceed 40KG
The rules and regulations on ebikes change over time, so please check here for any updates on legal stuff.

Recent studies have revealed that only just over a third of road users know the highway code! At RooDog we think safety is paramount so luckily for you here is a link to the legal stuff you should know as a cycle enthusiast ?

The Highway Code For Cyclists

Some more legal stuff and information and rules about you and your bicycle.