Privacy Policy

By using this website, we add a cookie to your computer which stores data which enables the shop to work. You need to accept cookies to be able to buy from us.

This website runs over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), identified by https at the start of the web address and the padlock symbol in your browser address bar. This means that every single piece of information passed between your device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone, etc) is encrypted and cannot be stolen en-route.

We use a number of technologies to further improve the overall security of the website and the data held on it. The use of NGINX and HTTP2 significantly increase the website’s resilience to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The web host separates websites on the same server in a way that hides the presence of all other websites on that server. We operate a number of security systems which help prevent unauthorised access by proactively blocking known bad networks and IP addresses.

If you make a purchase on this website, you willingly enter your details and accept that your personal information will be stored on this system for the purposes of doing business with you. If we want to send you marketing information, we will ask your permission first.

We may also keep your details on business mobile phones, within our accounting software and within our email software. As we require this information to do business with you, we are not obliged to remove such data upon request. We need to keep accounts for at least 7 years, so your data will be kept on our system for at least that length of time. If you have not placed an order in that time, we may delete your information from our systems at our discretion.

If you complete a form on our website you must agree to allowing us to store and process your information to allow us to perform the request you have made. Unless you give your permission to do so, we will not use your information for marketing purposes.

All staff members are aware of our internal data protection policy, which conforms to the new GDPR legislation.

We will not disclose, share or sell your data with anyone unless it is necessary for the purposes of doing business, or we are required to do so for legal reasons.

Due diligence is made to ensure the safety of your personal data. Wherever possible, devices are encrypted and password protected. Anti virus software is running on all devices throughout the business.

Wherever possible, emails are sent and received over SSL.

The use of social media websites such as Facebook have their own policy on the protection of personal data. We are not responsible for this data, but we act responsibly when using social media.


We use cookies on this website for the following purposes. It is easy to clear cookies using your browser or turn them off. We recommend that you do not do this, as it may adversely affect your experience with our website.

Session cookies: these are necessary to track your progress if you are purchasing items from our online shop. Without these cookies, we cannot do this, and you would not be able to buy anything from our shop.

Marketing cookies: we use cookies to gather aggregated data for marketing purposes. This data allows us to modify our website to give our customers a better experience. You will not be identified personally.