Eco Friendly

girls day out with ebikes

Electric bicycles do consume energy, but in comparison to a moped, motorbike or a car, the amount of energy used is very small – as they only use battery power which can be recycled when they have reached their life span (which is normally around 1000 cycles for RooDog batteries)

A recent study on the environment impact of ebikes verse other forms of transportation found that ebikes are about:

  • 18 times more energy efficient than an Sport Utility Vehicle(SUV)
  • 13 times more energy efficient than a sedan (i.e. family car)
  • 6 times more energy efficient than rail transit
  • and, of about equal impact to the environment as a conventional bicycle

Our 36V 10Ah lithium battery, on average consume energy at a rate of 100 to 150 Watts (3), so that’s the same amount of energy it takes to run a 100W light bulb for an evening, could power your RooDog for 30-45 miles depending on how you use the power (as our bike can have 5 different power options to choose from, please see product specification) and the road condition, such as hilly or rough terrain roads.

RooDog has an ebike for everyone to suit your life style or taste, click here to see the full product range.