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  1. Paula Bradley

    I have owned my Roodog striker for nine months now and have ridden almost 1000 miles. I still ride my non-electric road bike regularly (short, local trips up to 20 miles) and find I am much fitter and have more stamina, helped I’m sure by longer days out on my e-bike (35 to 45 miles).
    Most of all I am enjoying cycling again. Now in retirement, I was finding longer rides a strain on my body. With the striker, I end the day comfortable yet feeling as if I’ve had a good workout.
    I love the comfortable upright riding position while the bike still looks sporty and current.
    The battery lasts well, although taking into account where we live (the hilly Lake District!), I decided to buy a second battery for even longer rides. It fits neatly into a pannier on the special rack I bought from Roodog.
    Don’t hesitate to buy a Roodog. Even if you use a non-electric bike there are benefits to owning an e-bike too. If you are recovering from injury or have good/bad days, health-wise, or just want a great day out, it’s the best fun on two wheels!

    Rating: 5
  2. Lucy Nelson

    These are very good tips that you shared. ! Just wanted to let you know that you really helped me out here. thank you so much!

  3. Robert Fletcher

    Got our avatars today via Trikes and Bikes in Sutton Coldfield must say great services and the bikes are brilliant, makes cycling fun again.

    Rating: 5
  4. Mairi Coupland

    Bought my first Roodog Polka Dot Bike today – in red. This is a really comfortable bike to ride and looks fabulous. My experience of the service has been fantastic. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking about buying an electric bike. You get a lot of bike for your money. It doesn’t look tacky and is really well made. Can’t wait to wiz up the hills now as I was beginning to struggle with this on my regular bike. Tested the bike out and it was great. Will be great for my hips too as I have had them replaced. So what’s not to like! Good service, friendly, no pressure, good quality bike and looks great! Well worth the money. 🙂

    Rating: 5
  5. C & C

    Roodog Bliss

    We purchased 2 of these at the February Motorhome Show at Birmingham 2018. Despite delivery being held up due to heavy snow throughout the country Scott kept us informed of their progress to our home throughout. They are a delightful business to deal with. Any problems or queries have been dealt with in a friendly, prompt and courteous manner. Our bikes fit nicely in our motorhome garage and have already given us many hours of enjoyment, including being able to ride out from our home which is a hilly area. Fantastic being able to ride up hills with no effort. Love them.

    Rating: 5
  6. Graham Taylor

    Thinking my cycling days may be numbered, (I don’t do hills very well now), I paid a visit to the cycle show at the N.E.C. in September 2017. Thinking the answer my lie with an Ebike, I had a wander round and tried a few. Mmm, good possibility I thought. It was then that I met Scott and Kate on the Roo Dog stand. After a chat with them, I tried the Mayfair, and was instantly won over. The welcome I received was great, so was their friendliness and knowledge, so much so in fact, I ordered a Mayfair step through, asked if I could have straight bars fitted, and was told, “of course”. Although the weather has not been too clement since my purchase, so consequently my trips have been short, I look forward to the spring coming so I can get on with my new lease of cycling life. Thank you both.

    Rating: 5
  7. Derek Marshall

    I recently purchased the Bliss folding bike. I took it for a spin today, my first. A fantastic experience. I’m partially disabled and found the Bliss perfect for handling. I live in a very hilly area in Co. Cork in Ireland. The bike handles the steep hills with ease. They are great fun to ride. I thoroughly recommend it. Thanks also to everyone at Roo Dog for helping me with my enquiries.

    Rating: 4
  8. Geoff

    Just bought a red polka dot electric bike today 31 August. Delighted with the bike as is my partner Helen. Lovely man to deal with very helpful and knows what he is talking about when it comes to electric bikes. I an highly recommend his company nothing is too much trouble to him. Thanks for your service and advice,Geoff and Helen

    Rating: 5
  9. geraldine Atmstrong

    I bought my Roodog bike late last year, having not cycled at all for 30 years. Now 2000 miles later – it’s still absolutely brilliant! It looks as good as the day I bought it, and is running perfectly. It is quite simply the best thing I ever bought myself. I couldn’t recommend the bike or the company highly enough. If you’re thinking of buying one, don’t hesitate.

    Rating: 5
  10. Claire Greenfield

    I love my roo dog chic. Cannot fault the guys at pica rock in Cleethorpes. This bike just loves to run hills no issue. I have osteoarthritis in my knee and this is the reason for me purchasing this bike. The frame is nice seat very comfy. Just a little niggle about trying to fit my USB lights on it will need another bracket. But apart from that 5stars all the way. ????????

    Rating: 5
  11. Claire Greenfield

    Just picked up my new roobike bike today from picarock in cleethorpes. Richard was brilliant in helping me choose the right bike. I chose this bike because I have osteoarthritis in my right knee which is a grade 3 and has been very uncomfortable. I enjoy cycling so much and to be stoppped was not a option for me. I have the chic bike in black the power from this bike on main roads is awesome and helps me through the traffic. I have enjoyed this first day of e cycling and many more days to come. Thank you so much.

    Rating: 4
  12. Sheila Stevens

    We thoroughly researched the different types of electric bikes on the market, the type of hub , the bikes weight and the efficiency of the battery. Roodog came out on top for each of the catorgries, I got the blue Polka Dot and my husband the Tourer.
    We are so very pleased with our purchases and have had a superb service from Scott at Roodog.

    Rating: 5
  13. Derrick Wright

    Having been keen cyclists but not very good with the hills my wife and I decided to purchase an electric bike each (I have the new Striker and my wife has the Polka dot Chic) I checked out the market and found Roo Dog online the specs of each bike are just what we needed so we booked a test ride in Hornsea to check them out,We have had the bikes 3 months now what a revelation hills are no problem off roads are no problem.
    If you enjoy cycling but need a little help I can recommend the bikes from Roo Dog they have a range of bikes to suit everyone and their quality and service is very good.

  14. Christine Wills

    My husband and I have had our Roodog ebikes, Avatar for him and Chic polka dot for me for one year now and thoroughly enjoy them. Being 67 and 63 years of age they are a real boon to arthritic joints, no matter the terrain or weather we can explore where we holiday ( in the motor home) without the worry of finding parking etc., . We have always ridden bikes but the power assist is a great help and would not go back to a normal bike now. We have met Scott on a couple of occasions at the NEC , he is always friendly and willing to chat and the customer service is 1st class. My husband rang him at Hornsea on Tuesday this week and the part he required was delivered to our home the next day, never have we experienced such amazing service. Other companies promise the earth and do not deliver ,Scott not only says what he will do but follows through, well done Scott. We wish you every success in expanding your business ,very best wishes for the future. To anyone reading this I can only say do not hesitate, buy from Roodog and experience the best in quality and service.

  15. geraldine armstrong

    My electric bike is fantastic. Before I got it I hadn’t been on a bike in 30 years, now I’m never off the road. The instructions are clear and the controls are simple to use. The service was something else. I must mention Scott Voase, who dealt with my order from start to finish. One phone call and email updates saw my bike arrive in Ireland, where I live at present, without a hitch.
    Throw out the treadmill, cancel gym membership and forget about those endless boring laps at the pool – get an electric bike. Best thing ever.

  16. John & Sally

    Having just had all of August touring in our motorhome with our his and hers Avatars, we have completed nearly 400 miles on the bikes, covering all terrains. Our average rides were 20 miles in a day with 35 miles being the longest.
    The bikes have been amazing, giving us so much more freedom to explore. Being in a large motorhome, parking always proves to be a problem. The bikes have enabled us to find a base for the motorhome and then have the confidence to travel by bike to any surrounding area within a 15 mile radius. Covering various terrains from main roads, to overgrown rough bridle ways. The battery charge has never let us down, even on the 35 mile journey we did. Our philosophy on using the “assist” is to use it only when we need to, as primarily we cycle for the exercise.
    As we are both in our mid to late fifties, (I weigh 15 stone plus a ruck sack full of shopping) with old knees and not super fit, the joy of cycling is reduced when the long hills and head winds are evident, the Avatars then come into their own! Still pedalling but with the assist on, is like having a gentle push up the hills or into the head winds. We have come across 16% inclined gradients which without the assist, would have been a dismount and walk. With the assist on we have just about managed it, albeit with a lot of effort and sweat!
    The more we rode the bikes the better we understood their capabilities and how best to use the power assist. Other than the obvious assist with hills etc, the power boost when on busy roads for pulling out from junctions, negotiating roundabouts or simply “accelerating” from a standing start for a safer and quicker exit is very beneficial.
    The Avatars where constantly a talking point with others, when they saw them. We answered numerous questions and let people have a go on them. The main point been noted was that they look brilliant and stylish, not like other e bikes that they have seen.
    Our reply to the most common questions asked were these:-
    Yes you still have to pedal, they are not motorbikes. Don’t expect to sit on them and twist the throttle and climb steep hills.
    No… isn’t cheating having battery assist! we still get physically exhausted after a day out on them.
    How many miles does the battery last? Obviously dependent on how often the assist is used and how much you help the assist by peddling. Around Hebden Bridge, the hilliest area we have used them in, we did a 20 mile route and relied heavily on the battery assist but we also peddled as well and just about depleted the charge.
    The build quality has given us no cause for concern, we have done a 10 mile off road forest trail, bridle ways riding in the ruts from tractors, gravel tracks and cobbles lanes.
    Our overall experience of the Avatars is we now have the confidence to venture further than we would on an ordinary bike. The Avatars look stylish with the battery concealed giving them a modern look. A truly pleasurable bike to own and ride.

  17. Gerry O'Keeffe

    I bought my RooDog Bliss (folding bike) from Scott at the NEC and have been delighted with the performance of the bike and the availability of advice and support from Scott ever since. In June 2015 my wife and I toured Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria in our motorhome and the Bliss was bliss !. My wife has another make of ebike which also was great. We went up some serious inclines during our trip and didn’t have a moments problem. The ebikes are serious headturners when going up hills without stress. I have also found a dogbasket that fixes securely and safely on the rear of my Bliss so our small dog makes the trips with us. We have just come back from a couple of weeks in France touring down the Loire Valley and again the bikes have been brilliant. So far we haven’t hit any problems with battery strength even though we have been doing anything upto 50km on a day out. Strongly recommend Roodog !

  18. Ian McNulty

    Purchased 2 bikes July 2015 Tourer and a Polka Dot to use we we are away in our motorhome looked at a number of different makes but once we tried the Roodog brand we knew it was the one for us have used both bikes around Anglesey and have been delighted with them we have just returned from a fourtnight travelling up the west coast of Scotland and used them on numerous occasions we still haven’t managed to flatten the batteries on a ride even after 20+ miles we have recommended the bikes to quite a lot of people on our travels and also let them have a trail ride on them the smile on their faces on their return says it all . To conclude if you are looking for an Ebike then look no further than a Roodog

  19. Kevin Joynson

    Bought my first electric bike yesterday from Scott , just returned from my first ride out just 5 k but fantastic does what it says on the box plus more , this will open my world of activaty ,
    Thanks Scott love your bikes,

  20. Terry Phelan

    Had my RooDog Tourer for about 16 months now and it is without doubt the best thing I have bought in years.
    I bought it just after I retired to get me out and about and keep me fit. I’m lucky to have a great cycleway network just on my doorstep. Got to an age where I need some help on the steep grades.
    Great when passing the younger riders on the hill and hearing them shout “Blimey look at that old guy go”
    It’s stylish and a pleasure to ride. Fingers crossed the battery is still performing well (You have to charge it at least once a month when not in use. Winter time etc)
    I had my first puncture the other day which was on the rear wheel. Needed to fit a new tube and contacted RooDog for some advice and instructions because that’s where the electrics are.
    Sent an email on Sunday evening at 5.45 pm and received a reply Monday morning at 10.39 am giving me full instructions, along with a manual on maintaining the bike.
    How’s that for customer service. Thank you RooDog for a fantastic bike and your help as well.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending my RooDog Tourer to anyone.

  21. Paul & Jo Rivans

    We bought the avatar and polka dot bikes over a year ago. We’ve cycled everywhere especially in France as there are so many routes available. We flew up a 1:3 steep hill road to the top with no effort at all while everyone else was pushing their bikes on foot. The avatar is a head turner wherever we parked it and we would cover 30- 40 miles a day down the canal paths effortlessly.
    Scott was great with after sales service and it was nice to meet up at the NEC yesterday and see some really nice new bikes added to the range. They fit on a standard bike rack on the motorhome and if you have a high bike rack, suggest you take the batteries off so it’s not too heavy to lift up.
    These bikes are a great investment, the quality is excellent as is the after sales service, and they look so good. Unlike others that you see around that look so ugly, you would have to put a bag on your head so you wouldn’t be recognised! We are already looking forward to cycling around Germany and France this year. Get a decent D bar lock to safeguard your investment and piece of mind when you park up. I highly recommend Roodog bikes, it’s a 5 star rating for quality, looks, reliability and value for money. We are in our 60’s and if you are looking for an electric bike look no further!


    hi to all, i have owned the roodog striker for 2 months…..was buzzing when i got it delivered and i can honestly say i still am maybe even more…i am 16 stone 6ft and a 57 year old with not much fitness but just came in today having done 14 miles at level4 in 56 mins….and you wouldnt believe the hills i travelled on scenic loop near kesh……..there is no requirement to buy a more expensive ebike…with 5levels you can chill out while touring or level 2 for brill workout without extreme effort….whoever designed and put this bike together i give them 12 out of 10 for looks performance and quality….and a big added bonus is my wife who is 5ft 4 can use it due to the extending seat…..when i use my mountain bike… cheers and happy ebiking in the meantime

  23. David Biddlecombe

    We bought the Bliss (folding model) last year and are very pleased with it. It doesn’t take up much room in the car boot and only takes a few seconds to get it ready for the road. Any questions have been quickly and efficiently answered by Scott at Roodog. Would thoroughly recommend it.

  24. Peter may

    Hi, have purchased one of your Avatar e bikes from freeway Eco cycles in Whitstable Kent , just wanted to say that the service I got was second to none and the bike is just fantastic, everyone that’s seen it has commented on how great it looks, will highly recommend Steve a t freeway to anyone wanting to purchase or just get info on your range of e bikes.
    All the best,
    Peter May

  25. Stuart

    My first bike for maybe 40 years, chose the Explorer, only had it 3 days but what a time I have had.
    The bike is fantastic, I have seen things this weekend I would not normally see due to getting out and about!
    Everywhere we go in the motorhome the bike is going too,and it WILL be get used.
    My wife also going to have one after trying a couple out. So another long weekend on the East coast coming up.
    Thanks to RooDog I have a big smile on my face.

  26. Louieg

    The Avatar is just so cool!! and the Explorer! (Most e-bikes are So ugly!) Have recently taken it over Mountain bike trails in North Wales, Shropshire and Spain-it gives a very exciting and exhilarating ride, enabling me to take part in activities that are usually the preserve of considerably younger people! It still provides an excellent workout as I only use the power on extreme hills. Where ever I have ridden it the bike always commands interest and admiration. The aftersales service provided by Scott and the team has been exemplary – no problem is too small. Thanks so much- we absolutely love them!

  27. Margaret Playfoot

    Last year I had to have a major back operation and thought that my cycling days were over as finding hills and battling with strong winds difficult, , I had to get off and walk. Thanks to Roodog and my lovely spotty ebike I am now enjoying cycling once again and looking forward to going to Holland soon. It is amazing!, Thank you Roodog for your help, patience and excellent service. Good Luck to you!

  28. Debbie Smith

    I’ve had my Roodog Chic for a month now and I just wanted to say that I love it. I’m only 5ft 2 inches tall which made it more difficult for me to find a frame that was suitable but this is perfect. I must have done nearly 100 miles so far and hills no longer put me off going for a ride. Thankyou Roodog!!

  29. Jonathan Hyams

    Really enjoying my Roodog Striker – two weeks in and I am in still in love! It is zippy and light, looks good and does everything it says on the box. My only one wish would be adjustable handlebar height, just so I could have them a tiny bit higher.

  30. Olga voase

    Brilliant, would be lost with out my Chic at the moment. The service is amazing, just a phone call, and full service within an hour. Thank you RooDog

    Rating: 5

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