electric bike for a shorter rider

Electric bike for a shorter rider, take a look at our Chic and Bliss models.

  • The Chic’s small frame is only 16.5 inches of light weight aluminium alloy 6061 making it our smallest and lowest step through RooDog e-bike. Perfect for riders who need a smaller frame.
  • Small frame low step through also allows people who have knee and hip problems easy access.

As the Chis is a small frame low step through we would recommend it would suit a rider from 5ft to 5’10 ft tall.

The Bliss is our space saving folding RooDog.

The Bliss has 20” wheels and folds in half. It will tuck away under your staircase cupboard or in most car boots. Perfect for commuting, camping lovers, motor home owners, or just simply for people who like petite bikes.

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