Winter safety tips for you and your RooDog ebike!ย 

Winter is most definitely here so we have thought of a few little safety tips and facts that we think might be useful for you and your electric bike.

Save your batteries life through winter

Obviously you’ve read your battery care manual and follow it religiously ๐Ÿ˜‰ so you know that your battery doesn’t like extreme heat. With that in mind you would think it likes winter cold? This is true to an extent for storage. In cold temperature lithium batteries do hold their charge but they do not like being charged when they are cold. Charging when cold will make the cells depreciate faster, shortening its life. Please help your battery live a long and happy life by always remembering to charge it when its gets to room temperature.


Not only is it cold its dark too. Can other road users see you on your RooDog ebike?

With the dark mornings and nights it is important to make sure that not only are your lights are in proper working order but you can be seen also. Were not suggesting you light your self up like Blackpool illuminations but hi-vis or reflective clothing should be warn. Its better to be safe and seen then sorry.


Winter safety and moving parts.

  • Have they got good tread?
  • Is the air pressure correct?
  • Keep clean and free of dirt and grime including the wheel rim.
  • Check brake cables are not staring to fray or rust.
  • You should only have to pull the brake lever half way back for it to be fully engaged. If you can pull it all the way back we would strongly recommend readjusting.
  • Are lever’s free to move and operate correctly? (Not bent or damaged)
  • Should always be kept clean of dirt and grime especially in the winter. The salt water spray caused by grit on the roads at this time of year can make them erode faster.
  • Check for frays and rust. We would recommend replacing them if they show signs of this.
Now you RooDog ebike is ready for winter are you?

Lets face it winter cycling is not as fun and enjoyable as summer cycling. Nobody likes being cold and wet so here are a few things that might just help keep that e-bike smile on your face over winter. ๐Ÿ˜€

This season’s must haves are waterproof clothing, reflective items, thermal gloves, hats and socks. Scarves and bandanas are good for keeping the cold from your face and neck. Did you know you can also get cycling capes? They cover the ebike and rider admittedly they don’t look very stylish but you still will when you get to work warm and dry.

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