Adult Stabilisers from RooDog.

Today we have been testing our adult stabilisers / training wheels on our 20 inch wheel Bliss folding electric bike.
The stabilisers will fit most bikes from 20 inch wheels up to 29 inch wheels.
Could these be a game changer for you or someone you know? Available now!

The stabilisers / training wheels are ideal if you have lost confidence on two wheels. If you have balance problems or missed out on learning to ride a bike! It’s not too late ?

They are also a good option if you need a trike but don’t have the space or the means to transport one. The stabilisers are easily detachable. Therefor you can put your bike on a normal bike carrier and simple attach the stabilisers when you reach your destination.

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RooDog bliss with adult stabilisers

front -RooDog bliss electric bike with adult stabilisers

left -RooDog bliss electric bike with adult stabilisers

back - RooDog bliss electric bike with adult stabilisers

2019 is going to be a very exciting year for RooDog. We have some new products and upgraded models coming soon.

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