Avatar 2.0 – Independent Review

We asked Cath to try out our new Avatar 2.0 electric bike and to give us her open and honest review of the bike and the ride.  Not only has she written an in-depth review of the bike but she also posted a few instagrams of her rides out.

Her full review is below and you can view it here https://thereviewstudio.co.uk/2023/11/13/roodog-avatar-electric-mountain-bike/

“I’ve been considering buying an electric bike for a while, my husband is a keen cyclist and when we go out on our bikes I tend to lag behind, so an electric bike sounded the best option as it will enable me to keep up with him on the hills and go that little bit further. I was therefore really pleased when RooDog offered me the chance to try their new Avatar Step through mountain bike.

The first thing I have to say is it is fantastic having a step through bike – being 6‘ tall means up until now I have always had men’s cycles with a crossbar and whilst it has never really bothered me it is so much easier not having to lift my leg over a crossbar when I get on and off!

With burly tyres and suspension, it’s designed for on and off-road riding and is incredibly smooth to ride. It also has a twist grip throttle which is really useful, especially when at junctions, giving a quick boost to get me going when I need a bit more power.  Despite having an electric motor it is incredibly quiet which is definitely a positive for me, a constant roar would drive me mad when out in the countryside. The gears on my existing bike are quite clunky so I was really impressed with the Shimano 7 speed Megarange gears which give incredibly slick gear changes and are very easy to use. Although there are only 7 gears, with the motor driving me on, this was more than enough to get me up the hills!

The geometry of the Avatar gives a more upright riding position and the frame allows for plenty of adjustment, ample for my 6’ height. I’m at the very top of the height recommendation and it was perfect for me, the seat was high enough and the reach to the handlebars is comfortable for my long arms. I liked the level of adjustment available and after a few tweaks found it very comfortable to ride, t

he position is well balanced and didn’t put too much weight on either my rear end or wrists. The bike comes with a standard saddle, but RooDog helpfully provided a larger ladies gel saddle, which is an option with all their bikes. This was really easy to swap and I find it much more comfortable to sit on.

On the road, the most impressive trait of the Avatar is the way it powers up hills – we live in a very hilly area – so much so that many pro cyclists train around here – and it really comes into its own when faced with a hill. Hills that I generally walk up are no longer a problem, I can now ride up easily on power level 3 speed and now it’s my husband who is lagging behind me! I found I could get up some of the steepest hills at 10mph whereas before I would puff and pant my way up at around 4mph and invariably need to get off at some point and walk the rest of the way up.

The Avatar has a decent range – up to 30 miles per full charge (on the highest speed setting of which there are 5). I haven’t been using it on full power but to give an idea of range I dipped down to two bars of battery (out of five) after 32 miles of using mainly speed 2 and 3 on hilly terrains.

My first outing was a fairly flat ride so I could get used to the bike and we did 23.42 miles, with 679ft of ascent. Further rides saw 31.82 miles with 1,860 ft and 18.69 miles with 979ft and I’m confident that I can do longer rides and still have enough power left to get me home.

The suspension gives a really smooth ride both on the road and on tracks, on rough surfaces it cushions the lumps and bumps and the bike feels stable and balanced and I feel in control both on fast descents and tight, twisty corners. It is here that the disc brakes come into their own giving really powerful braking that does not fade in wet conditions.

The digital control is smart, sitting nicely on the left handlebar, the LCD-PAS System has a clear digital display with battery indicator, lights, tripometer and the all important speed indicator.

For me, the point of an electric bike is to get assistance when out cycling as I do still want to get some exercise! Whilst you can just turn up the power and ride without any effort I generally have it set on a low power to flatten the hills and give me a “push” away from the junctions. Obviously the less you rely on the motor, the longer the battery will last.

With a 250W rear wheel hub motor, suspension forks and a 10Ah battery, the Avatar isn’t a lightweight bike weighing 22.5kg. Without using the motor, it would be quite a heavy bike but as long as the power is turned on, the extra weight isn’t an issue. We own a motorhome and have a rear mounted bike rack, the weight of the bike is well within the specification but it is always worth checking beforehand. The battery is removable which is really helpful as it makes the bike much lighter when I am lifting it up onto the bike carrier.

Charging is pretty simple, after a ride I just plug in the charger and it takes around 4 to 6 hours to charge from flat. I charge it in the garage but since the battery is removable it can be charged in the house and when we’re away I can easily charge it in the motorhome.

As with all electric assist bikes, the motor cuts out at 15.5mph and the throttle at 4mph so the Avatar isn’t going to turn me into a fast rider but it certainly gives me an edge when we head off into the hills and that’s what I’m looking for in an electric bike. For £1,750 you’re getting a pretty good deal, it has a good motor and fairly sizeable battery so if you want an e-bike that looks decent, and will help you some of the way, this is the bike for you.

All parts are covered by a 2 year warranty, including the battery (provided cared for in conjunction with battery care instructions), motor casing & hub motor and bike frame.

RooDog are a small family business and have been trading for 10 years, like all small businesses they are passionate about what they do and whenever I have spoken or emailed Scott and Tina I have found them incredibly knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and you can find out more about it by reading their blog post 2023 – Celebrating Our 10th Year in Business – Roodog Electric Bikes

After using the Avatar for the last couple of weeks I am now convinced that an e-bike is a very worthwhile investment, it gives me the extra boost I need to get up the hills and I can still enjoy the scenery without lagging behind. I’m really happy with the Avatar electric mountain bike but if you don’t fancy that style of bike then RooDog have 9 other electric bikes to choose from, so whether you want a folding bike, city bike or even a polka dot one you will find a RooDog to suit.”