A recent article found on MSN “Most Dutch people cycle every week. How did the low country make it a national pastime?” offers great insight about how the Dutch have made cycling such a national pastime covering areas such as safety, education and inclusivity.

Here’s a quick overview: –

  • Safety and Infrastructure: Over 37,000 km of dedicated cycle paths and intersection designs contribute to low accident rates. Historical car-centric urban planning has been transformed to prioritize cycling.
  • Intermodality and Education: The Dutch promote cycling through intermodal transport options and educational programs like the Fietsexamen for children, fostering a culture of safe and sustainable cycling habits.
  • Inclusive Cycling: The Dutch have implemented numerous initiatives to ensure cycling is inclusive for all, including the elderly and migrants, with programs like ‘Doortrappen’ and ‘Make Way For Bikes’.
  • Cultural Integration: Cycling is integrated into Dutch culture, with events like ‘Fietszwerm’ and the hosting of major cycling tours, reinforcing the recreational and communal aspects of cycling.

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(Source accessed 11/06/24 https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/most-dutch-people-cycle-every-week-how-did-the-low-country-make-it-a-national-pastime/ar-BB1n42Xd)