Thank you for visiting our site, this is in fact our preview website, as we simply cannot wait to share some fabulous images of our bike with you, and also to give you some useful information about them. Please help yourself, scroll through our pages, and we are happy to answer any questions just drop us a line or give us a call.

Our electric bicycles will be available to purchase from 26th September, 2013. We truly believe it is important to test ride the bike before you making that purchase, so if you like the look or the sound of our bikes, you can always book a test ride with us, the test ride will be carried out at:

Brockholme Farm, Seaton Road, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, HU18 1BZ

Make sure you book a test ride; please don’t arrive unannounced, as we don’t like to disappoint! Thanks.
Electric Bicycle Testing Field at RooDog, Hornsea

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Where we have more than 2 acres of private land for you to have a go on our bikes, you can even take our bike for a cruise on the road to the nearby seaside town Hornsea.

For those people who are not in traveling distance, we will have a list of appointed sellers around the country from October, so hopefully you can get to one of them to test the Roodog ebikes.

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Thank you!

Your Roodog team 🙂