There are a number of different advantages to owning an e-bike:-

  1. It is a form of eco-friendly transportation – there are no emissions when riding an e-bike which helps to reduce air pollution in a bid to combat climate change
  2. There are health and fitness benefits – the low impact exercise can help strengthen muscles, increase overall fitness and support cardiovascular health.  E-bikes allow riders with all levels of ability to chose their exertion level making this open to riders of all levels of fitness.  Riding a bike regularly can also help to reduce stress!
  3. The motor allows for extended distances and increased speed – handy if you want to commute over further distances.  It also means you can cover the distances quicker using less effort. You can tackle hills easily, bypass congestion and increase your levels of fitness.
  4. There is cost saving potential – e-bikes are a cost-effective form of travel compared to cars for example due to lower purchase and maintenance costs, lower insurance with no road tax.
  5. They are fun and enjoyable to ride – you can explore at a leisurely pace in the fresh air, use bike trails and spend time with friends and family or find cycling/riding groups to be part of.  It’s just great to get out there and feel the exhilaration of riding a bike with the added confidence of the electric motor for support if and when you need it.

It is important to check local regulations and safety guidelines when using any bike.  Rules can vary depending on your location.

Photos: Norman Coulson, Roodog Cosmo owner