We have just returned from our first show of the year – Manchester Caravan and Motorhome show.

As predicted, people who interested in owning an electric bike were mainly 50+. Through the course of 4 days, we could see the definite demand in electric bikes. With more and more ebikes on the road nowadays and people being educated about them, the age group is in fact expanding and fast –  because ebikes are now deem to be great for commute purpose (for work or leisure); for people with physic limitations; and certainly for people who doesn’t cycle as much as they wanted to be because of those hills!

What’s interesting was that we have attracted some young teenagers at the show, their parents thought it would be a brilliant alternative transportation to the school bus. Ebike seem to be a cool thing for the teenagers to own and they were absolutely buzzing about them after some test rides. (Note: you need to be at least 14 to ride an ebike on Queens’ roads) They seem to prefer electric bikes to the electric moped simply because they can ride them like a normal bike but faster and effortless! Parents prefer them because there’s no tax , insurance or licence is needed!